Bel Air Boys Lacrosse is the largest recreational lax program in Maryland. Rec teams from clinic to juniors and club teams for graduation years 2029 through 2023 compete at the highest levels and feed some of the best high school lax programs in the US.

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BARL 1st-3rd Grade Preseason Practice 3
by posted 01/21/2020

We are back at Wakefield this evening for two sessions beginning at 6:30 and 7:35. The boys need their sticks and helmets tonight.

At practice tonight, we are wearing helmets just to get them used to it, not for safety. We are not doing anything that requires a helmet. If you do not have your equipment yet, it is OK to participate tonight without a helmet. You can pick up your equipment tomorrow at the shed between 6:30 and 7:30.

I'm going to resend the RSVP reminder now to people that did not respond. If you respond "attending" to one session, you will still get the reminder for the other session if you did not respond "not attending" to it. You can just ignore it or respond "not attending". Please only RSVP attending for one of the two. 

One last important thing. We are still looking for a very special red and white number 12 Bel Air Lacrosse jersey (last year's version). It was left at one of the tryouts in White Marsh. If you have it, please let me know. I saw it sitting on the bench and didn't pick it up at first because I thought someone would come back for it. By the time they realized they left it, we could not find it.  I feel terrible about that.

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BARL 1st-3rd Grade Preseason Practice 2
by posted 01/13/2020

We are back again for our first preseason skills and drills practice at Wakefield. It looks like we will not get snowed out this time.

This week the early session is starting at 6:30 and the late session is starting at 7:35. Please RSVP as "attending" for only one of them.

Although you don't have to RSVP "not attending" for the sessions you are not attending, I have found that it is helpful if you do. This will prevent you from getting potentially confusing requests to RSVP for the other sessions if we need to resend requests.

The boys only need sticks this week. The plan for next week is to wear helmets. If you still need to pick up your equipment, please get it Tuesday at the shed between 6:30 and 7:30 so you have your gear for next week.

Please use the front door at Wakefield. The door has to remain locked while we are practicing. We are going to need at least one parent to be at the door to let people in so no one gets locked out. As you are arriving, please make sure someone stays by the door to let the next person in. If one or a few of you could take turns, pulling up a chair and sitting by the door during practice, that would be best. I've been locked out in the cold from basketball practices and it is no fun! I don't want to go through the trouble of asking for volunteers for the door or scheduling it. Lets just make sure we all take care of each other. You won't be missing anything exciting in the gym, and I'm not even sure there will be room in there to watch.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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First Indoor Session for 1st - 3rd Graders
by posted 01/03/2020

Welcome to the 1st - 3rd Grade Preseason Program (formerly known as the Tyker Offseason Program)!

We will start indoors in January. We have Wakefield Elementary on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00. I may have mistakenly written Homestead Elementary before. I get them confused. Wakefield is much better for our purposes.

We have had a bunch of interest in these practices, which is awesome. This is our first time trying this and there will be some growing pains, so please bear with me.

I'm going to break the first practice on Tuesday 1/7 into two sessions. Please RVSP and come only to one session on 1/7. You can RSVP by clicking on the link in the email you receive, by using the SSU Play app, or by clicking on the schedule on our team page on the website. You only need to RSVP yes to the session you are attending. You don't need to do anything if you are not attending.

You should see emails/texts/app notifications (based on your preferences) about the two sessions now.

We have a bunch of boys that are renting equipment and we are not going to be able to get them all geared up before the first session. For the first practice, the boys only need their sticks. My plan is to add helmets the week after and gloves the week after that. The sessions are non-contact and the only reason for helmets and gloves is to get them used to it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. This is our first time using an HCPS facility for indoor lacrosse practice and I am waiting to hear back from the school custodian. I plan on emailing everyone again prior to Tuesday with more details.

Have a great weekend,




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Tyker Fall Practice Wrap Up
by posted 11/21/2019

The final practice of the Fall that was scheduled for this Sunday is canceled.

We had a great turnout this Fall. In my estimation, the boys all got better and had fun. The coaches are confident that we will be fielding at least one and possibly two club/travel teams for Tyker this Spring, in addition to the 2029 club team that has been practicing since this summer. All the boys are likely to enjoy the Spring season more now with their improved stick skills, and that is the most important thing to me.

I plan on sending an email after Thanksgiving that outlines our plans for winter activities and final try-outs for the Tyker club teams. I am always open to feedback and suggestion, so please don't hesitate to contact me. We are always looking for new volunteers to help coach and manage the teams, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Final Skills and Drills of the Summer Monday 7/29
by posted 07/28/2019

It looks like we don't have the numbers for free-play, and I think that would be a little much after Sunday's hot tryouts for most of the boys.

We will have our final skills and drills session of the summer on Monday, July 29th at Tucker field.

We are going to break Tyker and Lightning up again into separate sessions this week.

Tyker/2nd-3rd graders will start at 6:00.

Lightning/4th-5th graders will start at 7:15

Helmet, gloves, and stick are all that you need. Don't forget water either!

I'm going to have to cancel Wednesday's scheduled skills and drills because I will be away. My plan is to pick it back up in the fall after fall sports schedules are posted.




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Welcome to the off-season pilot program
by posted 06/29/2019

The program is initially only open to the Tyker and Lightning age groups, including players in grades 2 through 5 for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Based on registration and expected attendance for a session, we may combine Tyker and Lightning into one group, or separate them with Tyker starting at 6:15 and Lightning starting at 7:30.

Please respond to the RSVP email for each session so the coaches can plan!

Skills and Drills (Wednesdays at 6:30 starting July 3rd) - Will provide an opportunity to focus on lacrosse stickwork and general physical literacy (applicable to all sports). Several stations will be set up around the field, with each station manned for the duration of the session by the same coaches. The sessions will be planned with common and complementary skills at the individual stations. The fundamentals of space, time and communication will be stressed as they are overarching and transferrable. Coaches will script the session with a focus on small groups within the station groups and maximizing the number of times players touch the ball. Players only need helmets, gloves, and their stick for the skills and drills session.

Supervised Free-Play (Mondays at 6:30 starting July 8th) - Will provide an opportunity for the boys to play "pick-up" lacrosse. Under the supervision of Bel Air Rec coaches, the boys will be given an opportunity to become increasingly more self-directed and autonomous with the free play session. Games my range from full-field 10 vs 10 to mini-games with mini-goals. Full equipment is required for these sessions.

This program is free and open to all registered Bel Air Rec Lacrosse players. Everyone is encouraged to attend with the caveat that this program is supplemental, not required to play on any specific team in the 2020 season, and should never interfere with in-season sports.

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